This is GameHaus.Inc!

We are gamers, for gamers. We know what it takes to captivate an audience that demand great content, tight game play, and have a lot of fun doing that.

GameHaus.Inc’s goal is to not only create a unique experience of television programming through a combination of social interaction and gaming, but also to build a community of engaged people with diverse interests and content they want to see and support.

Because we are those kind of gamers!

With you the audience, we’ll get there by hosting and streaming videos, promoting eGaming and eSport Entertainment, and of course through your generous support.

Tune in daily to our Twitch Feed Game_Haus
Follow us on Twitter @Game_Haus and retweet with #Gamehaus or
And be sure to watch and like our  our latest Game Haus (Game_Haus) videos

Looking forward to creating and building an amazing community with you!

Thank you for your support,

Andy, Chris, Dan, and the GameHaus.Inc Team


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